Thursday, April 14, 2016

Eight Jamaican Accused Of Scamming Millions From US Citizens Extradition Hearing Set

The US government is going to extreme length to have 8 accused scammers extradited to the US to face lottery scamming charges. 

Last month, eight Jamaicans including a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) were charged with running a lottery scam that conned numerous Americans out of millions of dollars. 

The eight accused were identified has Dahlia Hunter, Xanu Ann Morgan, Kimberly Hudson; Constable Jason Jahalal, who is attached to Mobile Reserve; Dario Palmer; Alrick McLeod; Karea Gray and O'neil Brown. Constable Jahalal was involved in shipping the money for the group from the US. He reportedly brought back US$30,000 in 2012 for the scammers.
A date was set for April 28,  when the accused appeared will face extradition back to the US. 
US prosecutors applied for their extradition after a member of their network pleaded guilty in a US court to lottery scamming in which Americans were fleeced of millions of dollars.
The informant provided information to US law enforcement officials on the lottery scamming network and its members. He is expected to testify against the eight if they are extradited.
One of the accused attorney Attorney Bert Samuels who is representing Ms. Morgan and Constable Jahalal applied for bail, but the applications were rejected. According to the attorney, Ms Morgan is eight months pregnant. However, the magistrate said arrangements will be made for her to have her baby while in custody.

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