Sunday, April 24, 2016

Gully Bop Threaten A'mari After Cheating Accusation (Video's Inside)

We can honestly say that Gully Bop and A'mari relationship is the most dysfunctional relationship we have ever seen since Ishawna and Foota Hype.

Bop is clearly losing it. In the latest episodes of Gully Bop and A'mari, Bop accused A'mari of cheating on him while they are in New York. 

In the first video post by A'mari, Bop is clearly incoherent and under the influence of something. 

In the second video he threatened A'mari and dragged Shauna Chin into their mess. 

According to Bop, A'mari took him to an interview, and the interview was conducted by A'mari  boo number Uno. Whether the accusations are true or not A'mari didn't denied it, however she claims that she was single. At lease for now.

Has a treat here is a preview video of A'mari new singles.

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