Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jamaican Arrested On Vessel Heading To The US

A Jamaican man among ten other people on there way to the US was rescued by the US Coast Guard after the vessel they were reveling in overturned near Freeport, Bahamas on Saturday.

Among the Jamaicans, there were Haitians and a Bahamian has well. 
In total, there were six men and four women in the group. 

Two of the women were pregnant. 
When the Coast Guard arrived, the vessel was overturned and all ten people were sitting on top of the keel.
The migrants - except for the Jamaican- told authorities they had paid for transportation to the United States.  
The group will be taken to the Detention Centre to be repatriated.  
Officials said the Bahamian is assisting the authorities with further inquiries.

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