Saturday, April 23, 2016

LA Lewis, Dr. Love & Ninja Man Feud Continues

Just when you thought these grown men couldn't get any more childish, LA Lewis took it to another Lewis. 

LA Lewis, Dr. Love and Ninja Man has been in a feud for the last few weeks. The feud started after Ninja Man claims his supposedly gay son used to live with LA Lewis. 

Lewis previously threaten to sue Dr. Love and Ninja Man for defamation if both of the entertainers didn't retract the statement and apologizes to him. 

However, yesterday photoshop King Lewis has no interest in letting the hatred for each other go because he decided it was a good idea to post the above image of Dr. Love and Ninja Man hugging with the caption "Dr love and Ninja Man at there gay party yesterday". 

Let's just wait and see how the image affect his case. 

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