Friday, May 27, 2016

Gully Bop Dumped A'mari, Friend Rescue Bop

Gully Bop is in the building.

Gully Bop is currently being interview by no other than Blogger Tina Chin on Massive Vybz Radio. It seems Gully Bop and A'mari are officially done after being "save" by Toya, a friend and fan. Toya step up to help after seeing what Gully Bop was going through with A'mari due to her live feeds on Facebook. 

According to Toya, two video touch her the most. The first video was when She (A'mari) went to use the bathroom, finish wipe her private part then proceed to the kitchen to handle without washing her hand. The second video was when A'mari was going through her monthly period and removed her pad that she broadcast live. 

Gully Bop also confirmed that Rica is his girlfriend. 

She proceed to discuss A'mari and how their relationship started. According to Bop, A'mari came to Jamaica after Chin left and he was just trying to help her get some hype because she was in a financial situation. 

Gully Bop denied A'mari oral sex claims, "don't eat meat wey can't cook and him nuh eat meat wey can't season".

The fight 

While A'mari and her 10 and 12-year old kids sitting there she's talking about exrated things in front of them was one of the reason for the fight. 

What's finally ended the relationship?

Bop left A'mari because of the "bread" referring to her bloody pad that she broadcast live on Facebook. 

Bedroom antics

He even took the opportunity to discuss his bedroom antics with A'mari, which he described has boring. 

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