Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A'mari Accused Toya Of Having AIDS Weeks After Accusing Ninjaman

A'mari is back again with her nonsense. She was recently blocked from her Facebook page after her page was report.

Just one day after returning, and a few weeks after accusing dancehall deejay Ninja Man of having AIDS, she's now claiming that Toya has AIDS. 

Toya was the one that rescues Gully Bop from A'mari and her nonsense a few weeks ago. 

To add insult to injury she also claimed that she was the one who wasn't faithful to Bop because she was in love with someone name Cliffton after meeting on her Facebook page Veneice Fung Chung real name Veneice Fowler. 

Has entertaining has she is, someone needs to get rid of her page. 

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