Friday, June 17, 2016

A'mari Criminal Record Violations Exposed (Arrest Record Inside)

Dancehall entertainer Veneice Fung-Chung staged name A'mari criminal record has been released. She was arrested multiple times in Fort Lauderdale Florida and New York for several minor traffic incident. Number 2 is the most interesting, she was arrested for wearing a disguise.

She was first arrested in 1999 for obstructing justice by using a disguise and a unspecified offense both in Florida. She plead Nolo Contendere to the unspecified offense, meaning she accept conviction as though a guilty plea being entered but does not admit guilt. 

Her third arrest occurred in 2004. She was arrested for violating traffic control device which happens in Palm Beach Florida. The fourth case was amended and she was charged with proof of PIP.  Her fifth arrest was for driving in a expired license for more than for months. 

In 2013 she was back in court after her driver license was suspended. 


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