Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A'mari Files Charges Against Gully Bop, Toya And Dr. Love

There's a saying that goes "you can dish it out, but you can't take it.

A'mari is back again and this time she is filing police reports one after another. Her targets are Dr. Love who she continuously refers to has Dr. Fish, Toya (Gully Bop savior), and Gully Bop himself.

Dr. Love

She's suing Dr. Love for defamation. Even though he did say countless of things regarding A'mari that may or may not be true. A'mari isn't innocence either because she also says a lot of things about Dr. Love that's questionable. 


She report Toya for supposedly beating her and potentially risking her health because according to A'mari, Toya have AIDS and attacked her. 

Gully Bop

She report Bop for a number of reason. First he stole her passport and green card. Second, she's his manager and he broke the contract. Third for defamation m. He supposedly said somethings about her recently. Forth, he beat her and attempt to kill her. 

It's nice to know she's keeping up with him. 

Arrest Warrant

Also, according to A'mari, there's a arrest warrant out for Bop. We search the entire NYC area and Westchester Area and no such warrant exist but we'll keep checking to see. 

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