Friday, June 10, 2016

Welcome The King Of The Dancehall, Vybz Kartel Released Studio Album

Vybz Kartel album King of the Dancehall is official out. The album was released not long ago through iTunes Music. 

A press release by the entertainer camp has the following to say about the artist  album. 

The 14-tracks (22-tracks in total with clean and explicit version) record contains all exclusive never before release tracks from the "World Boss" Vybz Kartel.  Recorded by the profiling artist before his incarceration, the tracks have been carefully completed by renowed multi-billboard dancehall producer Linton "TJ" White of TJ records an I did Adidjaheim Label known for bringing fame to countless artistes as well as the Billboard chart topping hit Romping Shop and a plethora of #1 hits both locally and internationally. Fans who have been longing to hear Kartel will not be disappointed. 

According to Kartel himself "King of the Dancehall is not a 14 song compilation, it's a masterpiece, it's a album that encompasses the very essence of Adidjaheim Palmer and by extension, the Jamaican experience". 

In typical Kartel fashion, he reminds his loyal followers that he is "the true King". 

"King of the Dancehall will reinforce Vybz Kartel status as not just another self-proclaimed King, but as the people's champion. The man has created a movement like no other in Dancehall - the true KING!!. has the title suggests. The Teacha also said that the album will bring his listeners into a world of hardcore Dancehall, not some "pop music" watered down version. It will give you a peek into my Jamaica. Not the one on tourist ads, but the real Jamaican, DANCEHALL JAMAICA. 

Track list
  1. Coloring This Life
  2. Ever Girl ft Gaza Tussan (E&C)
  3. Lipstick (E&C)
  4. Fever (E&C)
  5. Can't Say No ft MonCherie (E&C)
  6. Don't Know Someone (E&C)
  7. Hey Addi (E&C)
  8. Open Up Di Door
  9. Most Wanted
  10. Enemy Zone (E&C)
  11. Like Google ft Demarco
  12. Sorry Babe
  13. Western Union
  14. Which Friend (E&C)

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