Saturday, July 30, 2016

Parents Of Murdered Toddler Granted Bail

The mother and stepfather of the 3-year-old that was killed  in St. Ann earlier this month, were offered bail on Friday when they appeared in the St. Ann Parish Court.
Nevalesia Campbell, the deceased toddler of Mahalia Poyser, 24 and her common law husband Roy Downs, 27, were offered bail in the sum of $250,000 each.
Both parent are charged with breaches of the Child Care and Protection Act.
Part of their bail agreed state that the couple has to surrender their travel documents and is expected back in court on October 6.
Miss Poyser was charged after she gave false statement to the police. She initially told police that Nevalesia had been put to bed, and was later discovered missing. 
Investigators say the adults left Nevalesia and another child unsupervised to attend a dance in the community.
The mother discovered the child missing after returning from the party.
Nevalesia was found dead, with chop wounds, a few hours later.
A man has been arrested in connection with the killing.

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