Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jamaican Mother In Need Of Assistant For Her Daughter

Her story. 

Tianna has stage 4 Clear Cell Sarcoma of the kidneys. This has metastasized to the right side of her face and has rendered her partially blind in her right eye, she also has a large tumor in her abdomen, lesions on her spine, scapula and lungs.

Presently Tianna has been admitted to Bustamante Children’s Hospital in Jamaica due to a lower respiratory tract infection. 

She is immobile and suffers from swelling of the abdomen and feet. The only part of her body essentially unaffected by the cancer is her brain. 

She can only be fed liquids and soft foods, if her condition continues on this downward spiral, she will have to be fed through a tube. We aim to have Tianna admitted at the Mount Saint Joseph Hospital in the United States of America for treatment. 

Presently, we are trying to make her as comfortable as possible while strengthening her for chemotherapy and possibly surgery. 

Both mom and child recently received their visa. 

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