Thursday, October 13, 2016

Murder Suspect Unable To Retain Counsel

The main suspect in Sunday’s killing of five people in Spanish Town is unable to retain a legal representative. 
Police are unable to question Marvin Campbell Sr, who yesterday surrendered because he doesn't have a lawyer and he's unable to get one. 
If Campbell is unable to seek representation by tomorrow then a decision may be made to assign him a legal aid counsel. 
Campbell is the prime suspect in the brutal murder of two-year-old, Koyandra Wynter, nine-year-old, Revaughn Evans and 14-year-old Marvin Campbell Jnr, 22-two-year-old, Venisha Bartley and 24-year-old Salesha Evans.
According to eyewitness the gunmen dressed in dark-coloured clothing, identified themselves as policemen and then barged into two houses occupied by the five people before opening fire and setting the premises ablaze.
Campbell was wanted for a number of offences including incest and was named as a person of interest in connection with a recent triple murder in Spanish Town.

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