Thursday, November 10, 2016

Woman Chopped To Death (Gruesome Video)

A young Jamaican woman lost her life earlier this week after she was chopped to death by a man suffering from mental illness.

The victim was identified has Samantha Lewis. 

There is two part of this saga. 

According to one source, the young lady pictured above was living with the man in the video but was seeing someone else.

The man she was cheating with dropped her off at the home she shared with her boyfriend. The boyfriend saw her coming out of his car, ran after her and chopped her to death.

The second scenario is what her sister has to say.

She went to the bank to collect money send by her father to get things for her child. While on her way home she pass the mentally ill individual and he ran after her and chopped her to death. Eye witnesses asked the individual why he chopped her and his response was "she walk too close to him".

She also implied that her sister was single at the time of her death.

R.I.P to the victim and the family victims.

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