Thursday, December 8, 2016

Amari Obsessive Behavior Continues Has Bop Was Photograph With Rapper50 Cent

Gully Bop photo with Rapper 50 cent a mad Amari. Her delusional, obsessive and stalkerish behavior continued has she continues to stalk Gully Bop.

Dancehall artiste Gully Bop has hinted at a possible appearance in 50 Cent's breakout series, Power. Instead of congratulating the deejay, Amari went on a 23 minutes rant about how the photo is fake and how she contact 50 manager to let him know that she is Bop manager.
The entertainer confirmed that photos of himself and 50 cent were 100 per cent authentic.
“Dem real man. Why would a big artiste like Gully Bop Photoshop a picture?” he said.
“Mi did go fi a meeting with 50 and we talk fi bout 20 or 30 minutes. Di man rate Gully Bop and him team. All di people dem round him rate Gully Bop,” he said.

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