Sunday, December 11, 2016

Amari Uses Daughter To Ask Stranger For Money

Amari has lost the last single functioning cell in her brain. Just when you thought she can't stoop any lower she did and this time she is using her teenager daughter to ask for money.

If you haven't been keeping up Amari and Christopher Crooks aka Dr. Love has been in a verbal battle for the last few weeks. In my years of existence I haven't seen two grown individual act so childish in my life.

Amari, the queen of Cyber bullying is accusing Dr. Love of bullying her and her children. In Amari defense Dr. Love went has far has digging up her background, reporting her to CPS, delete her Paypal (her only choice of income because getting a job is so difficult for her). He even went has far has getting her, husband, children, dead mother and sister in there saga. He even claim to have police friends running background check on Amari. Clearly these so called police have nothing better to do with tax payers money.

If you haven't been giving up, you are missing out on some exciting drama with Amari, are that's what she believes in that little world that she is living in. According to her, she's on the run because people are threatening to kill her and her children. But it could also be the fact that CPS is trying to take her kids.

Instead of turning the other cheek and ignore him, she continue to go back and forth with him. After all neither one of them have anything better to do. Amari doesn't work and her only life mission is to entertain her goodies and hoodies who are just has crazy has her. And grown ass Crooks clearly has nothing better to do himself, for instant finding his missing pregnant wife (this according to Amari).

Anyway, because Amari doesn't have a job and going back and forth with Dr. Love isn't getting her any money.  She decided to have her daughter ask strangers aka her fans to help her fund her luxury lifestyle which include staying in fancy hotels because motel is not fancy enough for the Queen of social media.

If you are interested in wasting your money on this woman, instead of telling her to get a job feel free to donate here.

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