Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dr. Love Obsession With Amari Continues

How is this sorry excuse of a man still roaming the street? Amari have her share of misdeed but her current situation and most importantly the situation her children are in, we sympathize with her. 

However, Christopher Crooks better known has Dr. Love obsession with Amari continues has Amari decide to take a break from social media. 

Dear Christopher Wallace,
Biggie will be disappointed with you tarnishing his good name. 

It's heart wrenching to watch a video of you. From your action, your posture and to the way you speak I question your sexuality. It's safe to say that you have zero respect for any woman. Any man that can argue with a woman 24/7, class someone else's child and degrade any woman the way you do is not a man at all and your children should take notice. If you can act the way you do towards a stranger, what will you do towards your own?

It's obviously you have nothing better to do. Without mentioning her name you would have nothing interesting to talk about on your live shows. For someone who claims to own his own business, how would your clients react to seeing your online behavior? You need to give it a rest now. You claim FBI in involved let them handle the situation and move on with your life. Leave the woman and her children and let them figure out there issues on their own. 


For those of you who don't know Amari and her kids are on the run. Instead of letting her live her life, Crooks is going through numerous lengths to track her down even going has far has getting her whereabouts, calling CPS, getting her arrest record, dragging her other children and ex-husband into his cyber bullying. 

To  Amari

I advise you to seek counseling. You need need to press charges immediately. I would suggest you file for stalking, harassment  has well has a Civil Suit. 

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