Monday, December 5, 2016

Is Amari On The Run From CPS? Homeless In California

Gully Bop seems to have some magnet that attract crazy. 

Homeless and roaming California A'mari's obsession with Bop continues has she moves from hotel to hotel with her young  kids. 

If anyone has been following this woman and her madness, you will know that she recently left New York and move to California.

A responsible individual will make sure preparations are made before moving to another state. Preparation such has having somewhere to stay, applying for jobs has well has having some form of financial resources especially when traveling with kids. 

Has for A'mari she seem to have left New York with absolutely no plans. According to her, she left because people keep reporting her to CPS and then she change it to Olive threatening to put her in a body bag. (Olive is Gully Bop girlfriend). But judging from her recent behavior she seems to be on the run. 

Currently she is in California with 6 of her kids. Three of whom are supposedly underage. It's been three weeks since they moved there and so far they are driving around in circle, staying at hotels and neither of the three kids are in school. But instead of getting her priorities in order she is on social media worrying about Bop and his girlfriend.

The irony of it all is Bop was recently homeless until while Amari live in a apartment building in Brooklyn. Now the tables have turn. Bop is currently staying in a apartment in Brooklyn while Amari is homeless.

Hopefully she is familiar with California three strike rule because her first strike is going to be not sending those child to school. 

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