Monday, January 16, 2017

Clifton Boys Home Seek Donation After Fire Destroyed Home

The Clifton boys home in Westmoreland was destroyed by a fire. They lost everything. The boys had to spend the night at a church close by and now will have to be split up and sent to other homes. I'm not sure how best we can help however a list of needs was shared with me and I'm sharing it here as well.

CLIFTON BOYS HOME: Among the immediate needs are shoes and clothes especially in the drive to be back at school. See sizes below as a guide for donations. 
7 Boys - Size 4 
5 Boys- Size 5
5 Boys - Size 6
2 Boys - Size 12
4 Boys - Size 10
6 Boys - Size 8
2 Boys - Size 9

17 small shirts
5 medium shirts
13 large shirts

Size 12 clothes female
Size 6 shoes female
Shoes - Size 8 male
Shirts - Size M male
Pants and other clothes also needed. Sizes forthcoming
Contributions can be made at the Child Development Agency by calling 967-1614 or emailing
Please share.
Michael Abrahams

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