Friday, February 24, 2017

Alaine Supposedly Husband Accused of Rape & Domestic Violence

We kind of expect better things from Alaine why she would get involved in such a publicity stunt with someone with such questionable character is bubbling to us. Alaine music partner has been accused of rape twice, has well has domestic abused. 

One of the victims that accused the Paul is supposedly a kid. He didn't face criminal charges because he bribe the officers. 

Last year his ex-girlfriend Michelle Dyer also accused him of beating and cheating on her.  
Either way, the wedding pictures is a marketing gimmick. According to the production camp, Willy "the womanizer" Paul and Alaine have a collaboration which will hit the streets next week. The song is titled ‘I Do’. 
Checking out Alaine’s social pages, she seems to be handling the affair as business and serious work but her fans are amazed that she tied the knot far off from home.
Credit to Willy Paul, he worked on this project for a minute, hustling to have Alaine on a record, produced in two nations, Nairobi and Jamaica. After the audio was done, he did the unthinkable and flew Alaine to Kenya for the video shoot.
The shoot took place at the Hub Karen complex and Mo-Sound Go down along Mombasa road. 

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