Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bad Girl Of Dancehall Staring DHQ Sher & Renee Sixthirty Premiere Tomorrow

If we love this girl one more time. 

DHQ Sher pettiness is out of this world, and we love it.

A reality show featuring Renee Sixthirty, Sher, DHQ Headtop and Chinny Unique is set to premiere tomorrow at 7PM and if you think the saga between DHQ Nickeisha and Sher was coming to a end, think again.

During the preview for the video, Sher can be seem referring to Marvin has Marvette. Her exact words
are " I can Understand you don't know your gender but that's fine". 

DHQ Nickeisha already made it clear that she did't appreciate Sher calling Marvin a female. 

The show will premiere at 7pm on youtube. The link to watch is below.

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