Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Jamaican Arrested In Florida For Child Pornography

The U.S. government is taking over the Jamaican Government job.

What could have prompt Homeland Security agent to search a Jamaican cell phone is Florida is suspicious to us. 

A Jamaican man travelling from Jamaica to Orlando International Airport was arrested on Monday after Homeland Security Agents found child pornography on his cellphone.

He was identified as Anthony Carl Spence. He allegedly told investigators that one of the two videos found on his phone was shown to a class of Jamaican school children “in order to determine whether any of them had ever been molested,” a criminal complaint filed Tuesday said.

The report didn't say why US Customs and Border Protection officers, searched his phone.

When the suspected child porn was found, officials at OIA called Homeland Security agents, who responded and took a more in-depth look at Spence’s phone, court documents said.

Spence, claimed a girlfriend in New York sent him one of the videos and the other he had forwarded to a relative as a warning that her child “could be acting in a similar manner,” the criminal complaint said.

When asked about the incident involving the Jamaican school children, Spence reportedly told investigators that he was not employed by the school, but his nieces attended and he’d gotten permission from a teacher to show students one of the videos, the complaint said.

Spence, who told agents he had five daughters, allegedly admitted sending the videos to a number of friends and relatives while in Jamaica, including “women with children,” court documents said.

Spence was arrested and charged in federal court with a count of possession of child pornography.

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