Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Accused Of Sexual Assault, Shaneke Williams For Miss Jamaica World

What is not this.  
Shameless Shaneke Williams will be representing Jamaica in Miss Jamaica World.
For those not familiar it's the finalist. In 2013 Shaneke Williams and former Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) counselor Don Creary were both charge with aiding and abetting has well has sexual touching of a teenage girl.

The 15-year old accused Creary and Williams of sexually assaulting her but the charges where later drop after the victim indicated she did not wish to proceed with the case even though she's a minor. 
Fast forward to 2017, Williams will be representing Jamaica in the Miss Jamaica World competition. However, the decision by the organization draw criticism that someone with her criminal past such has sexually assaulting of a child is representing Jamaica on such a big platform.
But according to Williams, she's not  pulling out of the competition because she wants to "tell her story".
My thoughts: she shouldn't even have the opportunity to enter the competition from the beginning. Regardless of what her story is, it's irrelevant since a minor was involved.
Your thoughts?

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