Thursday, August 31, 2017

DHQ Nickeisha Confirmed Pregnancy

Low self esteem is a hell of a thing. Just one week after a video of Marvin the beast was uploaded online, His fiancé /girlfriend confirmed she was pregnant with his child. 

Earlier today, Marvin wife breaks the news that the couple was having a baby.

She also set the record straight regarding her relationship with the dancer. She claimed to have moved on but Marvin can't seem to let her go and is finding numerous ways to get in touch with her. The wife also confirmed that the image of her circulating giving a blowjob was indeed her. 

She claimed that Marvin told her Nickeisha released the image out of jealous. 

The baby announcement could also be a ployed to take the negative attention off Marvin after news circulated that he is gay. 

This will be three second child for both entertainer. Congratulations to the dysfunctional couple and prayers to the innocent child caught in the middle.

How does the wife know about her pregnancy?

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