Sunday, September 3, 2017

Students Threatened For Reporting Sexual Relationship With Teachers

The Jamaican educational system continuous to fail its students. A pass student of The Queens School has come forward and details some of the issues that she and fellow studen have face while attending the school and the continuous issues that is going on. 

According to the in unidentified student, the school is protecting  predators and preys, the so-called teachers. The student also claimed that  the teachers are being protected by the higher heads including the principal. 

This is what the studen has to say. 

"I'm a past student of The Queens School & I'll like to bring forth a number of issues that has been taking lace at the school, we've been longing to make our voices heard. 

The first issue out of many is the preys on us student are being kept undercover. 

The matter was reported by a number of students about the teacher & student who was/are intimately involved, has a result of that, those students who reported the incident was threaten by the teacher & they were looked down on b the Principal and her leading staff. 

Those same students are now being thwart from attending the schools sixth form without any particular reasons even though they met the requirements. 

Not only are they preventing them from attending their sixth form but also, they withheld recommendations from them so they were unable to apply anywhere else. 

A particular student payed for recommendations from August 23rd and stil hasn't received one". 

If anyone has been blacklisted after filing a complained, inbox us. 

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