Sunday, January 14, 2018

Airplane Skid Off Runway On Black Sea

The jet's 162 passengers had a lucky escape when the wheels of their Pegasus Airlines flight dug into the freezing mud at Trabzon Airport - leaving it dangling precariously off a coastal cliff.

The aircraft's left jet engine was also ripped from its wing during the crash. 

Bodies fill the central aisle of the aircraft and stewards can are heard addressing passengers over a loud speaker system. 
Turkish officials said the cause of the accident was not yet known, andclosed the airport overnight to conduct an investigation.

Dramatic photos appear to show smoke billowing from the cabin - but Trabzon Governer Yucel Yavuz said all 162 passengers and crew on board were
evacuated safely.

Another snaps shows the plane - which left Turkish capital Ankara on Saturday night - stuck firmly in the mud as a solitary lighthouse illuminates the chilly water.

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