Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Gully Bop Ex Amari Homeless In California

Amari is yet again homeless with 6 of her children after being evicted fro the million times.
After being evicted yet again, Venenice Fung-Chung otherwise called Amari was evicted from her home in California. She’s currently at the airport looking for donation to buy tickets for herself and her children to go to Florida.

According to Amari, she shares everything with her fans and follower but she never shows herself applying for a job. 

So far her 20k “Goodies” donate less that $100 to her account.  But instead of getting her act together she’s focusing on what she does best, other peoples business. 

Hate to know her while she’s done but it’s time you give up this YouTube “Job”. It’s oviously not putting any money in your package. You need to get a actual job and take care of your underage children. 

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