Saturday, March 17, 2018

Gully Bop Ex File Charges Against Dr. Love, Homeless Again

Veneice Fung-Chung better known as Gully Bop ex Amari file charges on Christopher “Dr. Love” Wallace for stalking and harassment according to her. 

This isn’t the first, second or third time she claims she file charges against Dr. Love but it’s the first time the police officers took her seriously. 

If you’ve been following Amari, she’s been going back and forth with Dr. love and his followers especially Fret Dem for over two years and counting. All three harassing each other and getting the children involved in there internet beef. If true, hopefully this would put a end to the nonsense. 

Side note: Amari is once again homeless with her underage daughters. However, she’s taking no responsibilities for any of her actions only to play it on other people. 

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