Monday, March 19, 2018

Marvin The Beast And New York Break Up, Nickeisha Stalking New York

Karma is one hell of a thing. Listen how Its New York is going at Marvin the Beast and DHQ Nickeisha. The adult entertainer is putting Marvin and Nickeisha on blast after Nickeisha made a post that she was going live tomorrow at 5pm.

Well that last longer than it should. The relationship between Its New York and Marvin The Beast is over. According to New York herself she blocked both Nickeisha and Marvin after Nickeisha privately bombarded Marvin with calls and text but yet to make a public statement after Marvin went online numerous times professing his love for her.

She also claims that Nickeisha is sending her messages through Instagram. The relationship ended earlier today after their trip to Las Vegas. New York claims that she ended it because she wasn't interested in the drama between Marvin and Nickeisha.

She also admit to sleeping with Marvin but right now they are just "friends". She also denied paying for his trip to Vegas.

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