Sunday, May 6, 2018

Amari, Bop Wants You To Leave Him Alone ( Message From Team Inside)

Amari, Bop and his manager has a message for you. 

Both Bop and Jacqueline wants you to leave him alone. According to Jacqueline, you’re crazy and a stalker. 
Complaint: This woman has gone mad. She has taken clips from Gully Bops videos, and facebook to make a video. She has also called his name without his permission. This is not allowed. Can you tell her to take it down, with all references to him deleted. She has some nerve. She even makes fun of his teeth, trying to sell her video. I am most upsets as his manager, he has stated that she does not call his name, two years after they finished, yet she continues. Please take it down now.

Signature: Jacqueline Hunte

Side note: calling his name isn’t a crime. Making fun of him isn’t a crime. 

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